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The hyperref Package

Documentation hyperref
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Creates clickable links in pdf documents.You can either set options when you load the package or call \hypersetup{option list} later in the document. If you use hyperref, don't also include the url package, since hyperref sets up its own version of the \url{} command.

    citecolor=DarkGreen             % color to use for citations
    colorlinks                      % Color links in references and urls
    filecolor=DarkBlue              % color to use for links to files
    linkcolor=DarkRed               % default color of hyperlinks
    urlcolor=DarkSienna             % color to use for links to urls
]{hyperref}                         % generates clickable links in PDF documents

To link to an external source, you can use the command

\hyperref{url}{x}{y}{tag text}

which will construct a hyperlink to url/x.y. If you don't need a separate tag text from the url itself, you can just use