Packages for Figures


Customize the format of figure and table captions. You can either pass options to the class in a \usepackage[options]{caption} or you can set them anywhere in the document with \captionsetup{options}.


A package for making cross-referencing much easier. Very useful with hyperref.


Include file-based graphics and images.


A powerful package to insert figures, with options to rotate captions, position them on any side of the graphic(s).


The sidecap package allows you place the caption for a figure or table on either the left side or the right side. See also hvfloat.


The subcaption package allows you to add separate captions to parts of a multipart figure or table. It supersedes older packages such as subfig and subfigure.


An incredible package for generating graphics with LaTeX. If you also want to generate plots using TikZ, load the pgfplots package.


Wrapfig allows you to have text wrap around a figure on either the left side or the right side.